TM2 and Nasdaq Announce Partnership

21 June 2021

TM2 and NASDAQ Announce Partnership - Read it now on

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Global technology metals marketplace Technology Metals Market (TM2) went live with Nasdaq technology to power its trading platform and distribute market data through its proprietary data channels, enabling institutional investors to trade a new asset class of high-value technology metals critical to global technology industries.

“After a successful launch to select clients, we are very excited to open our doors to all investors and metals counterparties,” said TM2 Founder and CEO Petur Georgesson. “TM2 possesses the tech and accumulated experience to build a profitable marketplace for tech metals trading, as well as the assets to become a leading global market and trading group.”

The financial products TM2 offers are physical metals that are 100% physically backed, allowing investors to have a direct title to the underlying physical metal. Some of the issuers on the TM2 platform include:
  •  Gratomic, an environmentally conscious and ethical graphite producer that is carbon-neutral and fully committed to upholding the highest ESG standards; 
  • Rare World Metals Mint, a U.S.-based company making rare elemental metals available to the public as investment-grade products; 
  • Millennium Metals, a metal trader of multiple PGM and rare-earth element products; 
  • Baird & Co, the largest gold refiner and the only full-service bullion merchant in the U.K.; 
  • Canada Rare Earth, an issuer that is developing an international supply network based on multiple mineral sources and processing facilities. 
“These aren’t just everyday products. These are the metals that define our whole future—they redefine our economy, and they are the building blocks for our economy,” said Georgesson during an interview on TradeTalks.

Through TM2’s growing custodian network with over 100 locations worldwide, metals can be listed, traded or redeemed directly. In addition to expanding the types of asset classes available to investors, TM2 aims to enhance transparency to scarce and illiquid metals while institutionalizing trading and pricing on the global technology metals market. TM2 leverages Nasdaq’s cloud-deployed matching technology designed for robust and scalable operations to offer investors a real-time price feed, including detailed end-of-day trading statistics.

“As a technology and data provider to the capital markets and beyond, we are pleased to support TM2 in their journey to build a leading technology metals market,” said Andy Green, head of EMEA for the Market Technology business at Nasdaq. “By leveraging Nasdaq’s market technology and data capabilities, TM2 can bolster its platform and flexibly scale its marketplace as it evolves.”   

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21 June 2021
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21 June 2021
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Technology Metals Market (TM2), the global technology metals marketplace, announced today it is live with Nasdaq technology to power its trading platform as well as distribute market data through its proprietary data channels.

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