Electronic trading

The TM2 Platform is the gateway to electronic trading on the primary and secondary markets.

Primary Market Institutional Trader Access

  • Buy technology metals from Issuers on the Primary Market; 24/7/365.
  • Simple and easy to make bids and accept offers.
  • Multi-currency support for each bid/offer.
  • Deep market liquidity.
  • Participation in OTC deals via accredited Execution Brokers
  • Direct transfer of technology metals to any accredited Custodian.
  • Use of primary market VolumeDiscovery™.
  • Full charting and other trade analysis functions.
  • Analyst coverage from Listing Brokers.
  • Volume Discovery™ is a proprietary markets system developed by TM2 allowing participants the ability to view all metals volume distributions across the entire platform.

Secondary Market Access

  • High performance automated order book matching engine.
  • Market and Lim it orders.
  • Order Book display. (Level 1 and Level 2)
  • Advanced charting.

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