TM2 Platform Services and Trading Hours


The process of originating new technology metal products starts well before listing on the Primary Market. It begins with globally sourcing and onboarding the best technology metals producers, recyclers and mints along with prospective Issuers and their supporting Metal Liquidity Providers.
A comprehensive process, during which time a prospective Issuer and their accredited Listing Broker structure the technology metals product, undertaking due diligence, preparing offering documentation, and safeguarding and administration considerations, etc.

The TM2 Platform consists of:

Primary Market - Initial Purchase

  • Accessible 24/7/365.
  • Purchase directly from established Issuers with instant settlement
  • Multi-currency support for each bid/offer.
  • Fractionalized and accessible exposure to a new asset class of technology metals.
  • Participation in OTC deals via accredited Execution Brokers.
  • Direct transfer of technology metals to any accredited Custodian.
  • Analytical information for every metal and product.
  • Full charting and other trade analysis functions.
  • Segregated balances for each of the markets.
  • Blockchain based distributed ledger safely stores ownership records.

Secondary Market - High-Frequency Trading

  • Accessible 9AM to 9PM GMT, except weekends.
  • High performance automated order book matching engine.
  • USD, GBP, EUR, CHF currency support for every bid/offer.
  • API using FIX Protocol.

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