Primary Market

The TM2 Platform

TM2 provides access to an institutional grade platform that drives its primary issuance process. At any time, TM2’s Issuers and their liquidity partners can offer listed physically backed technology metals in multiple currencies. Members on the buy-side have corresponding real time direct access to issuers’ listed offers through the platform.


The process of originating new technology metals starts well before listing on the Primary Market. It begins with globally sourcing and onboarding the best technology metals producers, recyclers and mints along with prospective Issuers and their supporting Metal Liquidity Providers.
A comprehensive process, during which time a prospective Issuer and their accredited Listing Broker structure the technology metals product, undertaking due diligence, preparing offering documentation, and safeguarding and administration considerations, etc.

Listing Authority

TM2 is the listing authority, establishing the rules and eligibility requirements for admission and the continuing obligations that apply thereafter for all Issuers and Metal Liquidity Providers.

Samplers and Assayers

Independent Samplers and Assayers assure products conform to strict requirements on quality, shape and weight, as outlined by TM2 Rules.

Once listed

A listed technology metal product is described in detail on the Member’s screen.

  • Product Overview
  • Product information, specifications
  • Product purchase/offer terms
  • Physical forms available for redemption

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